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Running in Parallel

You have a nice fuzzer, but we want to get our fuzzing done faster and it just so happens we have a couple extra machines sitting around just begging to be used for fuzzing. Luckily Peach supports parallel fuzzing, and it’s super easy. All we need to do is add a single command line argument and run our fuzzer on each machine. Here is how we do it:

1. Configure Machines

First we need to configure each machine to have:

  1. Peach

  2. Target application

  3. wav.xml

2. Run Peach

Next we just run the fuzzer on each machine. To do this we need to start an agent on each machine:

c:\peach\peach.py -a

Next we can launch peach using this syntax:

Machine #1

c:\peach\peach.py -p3,0 wav.xml

Machine #2

c:\peach\peach.py -p3,1 wav.xml

Machine #3

c:\peach\peach.py -p3,2 wav.xml

Notice that we are adding an argument "-p" to the command line with two numbers. The first number indicates the total number of machines we will use and is 1 based (counting starts at 1). The second number indicates the machine we are running Peach on. This number is zero based (counting starts at 0, 1, 2, 3…).