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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: What platforms does Peach run on? A: Peach is developed on Windows XP/Vista but also runs on variouse Unix platforms and OS X.

  • Q: What version of Python is required? A: Windows: ActiveState Python v2.7 (free), Unix: Python v2.7

  • Q: Is there a Unix install guide? A: Yes! See the Peach 2 Tutorial document.

  • Q: Can Peach fuzz files? A: Yes! Check out this tutorial.

  • Q: Can Peach fuzz network protocols? A: Yes! Peach is excelent at fuzzing even complex state based protocols.

  • Q: Can Peach fuzz COM/DCOM? A: Yes! Peach supports both stream based fuzzing (files and sockets) and also call based fuzzing (COM/DCOM, RPC, etc).

  • Q: How are Peach fuzzers created? A: Peach fuzzers are created by building a Peach XML document that contains a data model, state model, and test configuration. A GUI interface and documented XML Schema (XSD) are provided to make this easy.

  • Q: I add <Number constraint="int(value) & 0xfefe == 5" /> to a data modeling, en I run peach.exe –t my.xml. But it always to report error “not well-formed (invalid token)”. A: Need encode the & to &amp;

Publisher: FileWriterLauncherGui

  • Q: I get an error when my method="c:\program files...\app.exe" A: You will need to quote the path using "'s like this: method=""c:\program files...\app.exe""

  • *Q: The application I’m testing displayed secondary dialog boxes when a file fails to load. How do I deal with that? * A: Peach has a monitor called "gui.PopupWatcher" that can close dialog windows. You will need to pass two arguments. The first is CloseWindows=True and the second is WindowNames=My Dialog Name. This monitor can also trigger faults on certain dialogs.

Peach Validation GUI

  • Q: I hit the "Load" button but nothing happens. A: There are two possibilities. 1) Your XML does not properly parse and the validation UI cannot load it. Try running it with Peach first. 2) You are using <Data fileName="xyz">. Add a fully qualified path to the file. This is a known bug.

Agents and Monitors

  • Q: What versions of Windows Debugging Tools is compatable with WindowsDebugEngine? A: v6.8.4 is known to work, while v6.9.3 has had reported issues.